5 Biggest mistakes you are making in the first year of your new job!

Have you entered the job market recently? Or are you on a new job? Do you feel like you are lagging behind somewhere in the absence of the right kind of direction? Are you stressed and have no clue of how to handle the challenges that are very new to you? In the process, you are making a few mistakes repeatedly. If yes, then you are at the right place to seek some help. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you do miss on a few great things because of the limitation of being new to a job, there is always time to rectify your mistakes.

5 Biggest mistakes you are making in the first year of your new job!

What you need to know is, the first time of everything is a tedious task. We have a multiple questions and we are more curious on enhancing our performance to get noticed for the right things. It is just quite normal and if you are entrusted with more work, be open to it. If you are making blunders, accept it and move on as quickly as possible by embracing the right ideas available to you. Here are a few mistakes that people frequently make when they land up in a new job:


Being too scared to ask


Some people tend to get things right at the onset. If you are one of them, then continue rocking your work. If not, then seek help. It is always the right thing to ask for help from your mentors. You might be under the performance pressure to win some accolades for your work at the start and hence you feel like asking for help makes you appear stupid. However, if you seek for help people perceive you to be honest about your shortcomings. They get the impression that you are open to learning and growing in a team. This will only benefit you in the long run.


Avoiding communication with your boss


Let your boss know that you exist. Like literally, don’t get out of his/her vicinity just so that you can avoid regular checks from their end. It is important that you keep a communication channel open and speak about your work, your goals, you positives and as well as shortcomings. Bosses are always ready to help you get better because all that matters to them is your productivity and performance. If they ask you to change something, keep that in mind as well and work in a constructive manner. With this habit, you will be evaluated better. Your relationship with your boss will develop in a great way and this will certainly reflect in your overall commitment as well.


Extending your work hours

5 Biggest mistakes you are making in the first year of your new job!

You might have landed in a job that you have been eyeing for a long time. Or maybe you are very excited about the prospect of doing things for the first time ever. In order to prove your commitment and have the best impression on your superiors, you decide to double your work hours. However, this amounts to burning yourself too brightly, too soon! No matter how tempted you might be to do so, refrain from it because that just heightens people’s expectations of you. Not just that, in the subsequent years, it might be so that you burn out and are not productive anymore.


Being too friendly at work


When you are in a new job, you tend to be a little unaware of the kind of professionalism you need to maintain at the work place. Obviously, at a new place, you will be searching for a friend and whoever shows that little attentions tends to become your friend by default. You have to be careful of the kind of relationship you share with your co-workers initially. If at all you fall in a trap it might get you very frustrated at the end of the first year and stagnate your performance. There is no harm in befriending people but be careful about your choices and keep things as professional as possible.


 Pretending to be know-it-all


This is the a factor that takes you downhill on your career graph. Some people in a new job like to show that they are the repositories of all knowledge. That avoid taking any orders and pretend like a task is way below their level to work on. You need to understand that in a competitive work place, it is imperative that you are open to taking up newer responsibilities no matter how insignificant they appear to you.  Not everything needs to be specified in your job description. When you take up tasks beyond what’s specified you show your leadership skills and will be generally liked by others. So, if you are wishing to have a great impression at your new job, make sure you are moving out of your comfort zone whenever it need be.

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