5 Mistakes that are screwing up your job interviews!

‘Jobs and careers’, the most important topics for everyone in the 21st century.  Why wouldn’t it be? It lets you chase your dreams and finally show the world that you too are someone. But that’s after you get that job you have been applying for. Many people keep missing it and are hardly able to pinpoint what went wrong. Some even get that interview call most of the time and still can’t clear the dreaded personal interview sessions. So here are some things that you may be doing that reduces your chances to make it on your job interview.

5 Mistakes that are screwing up your job interviews!

  • Don’t make it all about you

This is one of the most common mistakes people make in an interview, especially someone who doesn’t have experience. You have to understand that a company needs someone who knows how to keep the company’s needs in view. If you constantly keep asking about what the company would do for you if you work there, it leaves a very selfish and bad impression on the employer. So know the balance and keep the company in your view.

  • Don’t forget to research

5 Mistakes that are screwing up your job interviews!
One of the common mistake that newbies do is go to an interview unprepared. They think that only their educational background will get them the job but that’s not even remotely true. You have to understand that your educational background is what has got you this interview. So what should you research? You should research about the company, it’s history and fields it works in and also about the position you have applied for. Many applicants think this feels like buttering the employers but actually, it makes you appear serious about the company you work for. So, do a proper research before you walk into that room.

  • Asking the wrong questions

Haven’t you heard that the smart ones are those who know all the right questions? It’s the same for job interviews. Not only your answers but also the questions you ask matter to the interviewer. So when the interviewer ask you if you have any questions for them, please don’t again make it all about you. It’s an indirect way for them to know your priorities and reason for choosing this job. Ask what do they expect from you or what are the short term and long term targets they want from you. This lets them know they you are interested in your job.

  • Being too casual

5 Mistakes that are screwing up your job interviews!
It’s a job interview so you have to learn to be formal even if you hate it. You need to work on what you wear, how you look and how you talk. You can’t just walk in there like a student and expect a job. There are many tutorials which can help you to nail the business formal, use it. Also no matter how comfortable you get in the interview don’t forget you are here for a job audition. Sometimes people forget that and start getting too personal or casual killing all the chance they had. Also, keep the casual talk to a minimum and the formal talk a bit more expressive.

  • Bad mouthing your previous employer

This is not a gossip group, it’s a job interview. So keep your complaining to a minimum about everything. Also, there’s a common phrase, “If they do it once they’ll do it again.” So if you think that bashing your previous boss gets you brownie points, you are quite wrong. This shows that you don’t have respect for the people you work for and you’ll do the same thing once you join their company. So even if your boss was really bad, you should avoid talking anything bad about him. This helps you to create a trustworthy image for you next employer and increases your chances to get that job.
Again this won’t guarantee you a job but will help you to do well in the interview. If I missed something please feel free to add in comments.

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