8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

One of favorite poetry’s is The road less traveled by Robert Frost. It says, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Sometimes you have to take the path that is less traveled in order to find happiness and contentment. We have been taught by the society that only certain directions in life are right others are just a fairytale we try to tell ourselves that makes us happy. According to this society Engineer, Psychologist, Surgeon, Chartered Accountant is a good choice of profession. But if that was true the world would have no new books, new movies, new pictures, new paintings that would make us feel better at the end of a hard day. We are here to tell you eight unconventional jobs that you can make a career in.


8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

Photography has been taken up as a hobby since a long time. Some of our parents may have been interested in it in when they were younger. But with the development of technology and advent of smartphone cameras, photography is rapidly changing into a profession. And the best thing about it is its diversity from wedding photography to adventure photography. So if you are the one in the group who clicks all the pictures, it’s time you think about photography as a career choice.

Game tester:

8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

The one thing I love about this generation is gaming, that was initially a gender biased thing has changed to an open ground for entertainment for boys as well as girls. If you ever search youtube you’ll find many girls doing gameplay professionally. Big gaming companies are hiring them for testing their new games before launch. So if you are one who loves to be with the joystick/keyboard all day long, this is an interesting career choice for you.

Professional Dancer:

8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

I have never come to terms with the fact how dancing changed from such pious art form and profession to one of the most despised choices when it comes to profession. Since I am miserable at dancing I know how difficult it is to learn and master this art. But thanks to the boost in the entertainment industry with globalization and internet dance is being considered as a good choice of a profession all over the globe. So if you know to work those legs to music this can be a way out of the boring jobs.

Food critic:

8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

I wasn’t someone who had access to internet and magazines as a kid or else this would have definitely topped my list of professional choices. The two things I love eat and write, in the same package. Food critics are gaining great importance with new food joints and new ways to rate them. If you know about your food and can put them in words so people would understand, this profession is a dream come true.

Travel Blogger:

8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

Honestly, there would be very few of my generation who would not like to travel the world. The only thing stopping them is their responsibilities. But what if traveling was your responsibility and you could get paid for doing it. With new travel blogging success stories every day, it’s becoming a profession of the future. Not only you get to visit different places, you are offered to stay at great hotels and eat at some famous restaurants so they can get publicity on your blog. So if you have the travel bug this profession will literally take you places.

Stand Up Comedy:

Were you the one who could make anyone laugh in school? Do you know how to make a joke about anything? My father used to call them clowns in his time. But in the new age of entertainment, you are not a clown anymore, you can be a stand-up comedian; which is now considered a very tough and rewarding career. One of the finest things that come with this career is the satisfaction to make people smile.


8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

Are you someone who knows a lot about wines but have no idea where to use it? Luckily there is a profession where your knowledge of wine can be very useful. A sommelier is someone who is in charge of all the wine related responsibilities in a Hotel, Wine yard or a private collection. From looking after the collection to recommendations, everything is done by a sommelier. So go ahead put your wine knowledge to good use.


8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!

If you are someone like me who likes to create arts through words, being a writer or a poet is a great career choice for you. You get to leave stories and words that an entire generation in the present and future would read. And to be honest who doesn’t like a good story. So pick your pen and start writing. With new platforms like Wattpad, Instagram and new opportunities of self-publishing writing is no longer a laid back career choice. It will make you happy and pay your bills.

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To be honest all these career choices will require more work than your conventional choices. But it’s you who needs to figure out if this is what you want to, and if it is, go ahead and take a leap of faith. If I missed your favorite career option, do tell us in the comments.


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