Good reasons to quit your job!


Nowadays everybody wants to do some work without sitting idle. But due to some personal or professional causes you decide to quit your current job. Your boss can be toxic, your conditions of work bad or you can feel mentally tortured. At one point you are dreaming about leaving your job. But it may be difficult to find another job that you will love more and that is professinaly interesting.. So here are some tips for you to decide what is best!

Step 1: Taking the decision to quit

It is never easy to quit a job, you need a lot of courage to do so! You can feel anxious about the future and have a lot of questions in your mind: What will you do? What will people think about you? Will you find another job? Can you change things about your job that will make you feel better? Can you be happy in those conditions of work? A lot of negative thoughts can come to your mind. Always think of the positive side of thing and all the great opportunities you are missing by not quitting a job that doesn’t make you happy. It can really help you to take this big step. Once you know quitting is the good decision stop ruminating about it and choose a deadline to speak to your boss about it.

Step 2: A new start

Quiting your job is a new begginig and not an end. Irrespective of your age or experience, take it as a fresh start. You have some capacities, you have learned a lot from your previous tough experience and you are really motivated. These are skills that employers are looking for. There are a lot of opportunities only waiting for you! with the stress of interviews. So take some time to clear your mind and to know what kind of job you would really like to work on and you wont have enough energy to be really invested on what you are doing.

Step 3: Get some advice

After quitting from a job, discuss with your family and friends about your next career plan.They can have good ideas for the next steps. They know you well and they know what our your strenghts. Contact people that studied in the same university than you did and work in a professional field that you think interesting. You can also consult a career counsellor before starting a new job: they can show the right direction by understanding your interests and expertise.

Step 4: Training

You can use some time after you quit your job to train. Do you have the required level in English or computering skills? You can look on youtube for free training! Or you can add some more qualifications by taking admission to new courses.It can be helpful for you and show companies you are eager to learn and you will feel more confident also about your CV.

Step 5: Upgrade your CV and prepare interviews to get a new brilliant job

A well written customised CV will help you to get a job. Recruiters have little time to read your CV or do interviews . So you have to show an impactful CV . Be clear about your skills, studies, previous experiences and be careful about typos. Once you get a positive reply for an interview you have to be really prepared. Search some information about the firm about the job and think why you can be the best personn for this position.

Don’t forget to sign for a job that will make you happy! But never think that success comes overnight, always keep patience to go ahead.

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