New Job? 5 Expert backed tips to sail you through!

Whenever we get a new job, we always have a feeling of self -doubt that we might be a misfit at the new office.   Some of us are conscious about the way we look while some are concerned about how they speak. Sometimes the tattoos on the upper arms bother us and sometimes the piercing on the chain.

New Job? 5 Expert backed tips to sail you through!

Every time a newbie enters an office, they have to go through a lot of staring.   Ideally, a person’s appearance shouldn’t matter in a professional environment but unfortunately in reality it does.   The real world is not green to ignore such obvious things at the workplace.   Such quotes are not given anywhere in written and hence, it is very tricky to manage how we make our first impression.  And, when it comes to profession ‘first impression is definitely the last impression’ and it does decide a lot of your future in the company.   We are laying down a set of expert backed tips on how you can impress each and every one at your new job.




New Job? 5 Expert backed tips to sail you through!

This particular one leaves a great impact you show up early at office and you are the last one to leave, punctuality is the key. It is the key to prove how much dedicated you are at work and how much consistent you can be.  A person who is punctual is usually considered as a very disciplined and well organized professional which directly helps in creating a long-lasting expression of you being reliable and on the dot.




New Job? 5 Expert backed tips to sail you through!

It is very important that you equip yourself with enough research about the organization where you are about to commence working. Study in detail about their work culture, what is the dress code and what are the rules and regulations. Also, try talking to your colleagues about the insights, so that you get a fair idea about the work environment. Doing your homework shows how much you are dedicated and concerned about adept delivery of your work in the organization. When you do your homework you also develop a trust in your seniors about your efficiency.




Show enthusiasm during all the meetings and presentations and ask thoughtful questions. Offer your suggestions and make your presence felt. Your eagerness to learn and adapt will be appreciated by your seniors. Meanwhile, you also have to ensure that you respect the decorum and the work structure of the organization and you shouldn’t interrupt. But be courageous to speak up.




New Job? 5 Expert backed tips to sail you through!

Always be keen to seek feedback during the first month of your job. This reflects that you are of a progressive nature and that you are enthusiastic to move in the right direction for the organization. Ask your colleagues or seniors about how you have done in your first month and what the things that you need to work upon are. Ask for advice and suggestions from your seniors on how to improve your weak points.




You will easily come into their bad books if you whine about things in the first month of your job and this can be extremely hard to reverse and will leave a stark remark on you as a professional. If you aren’t getting responsibilities that you feel is up to your capabilities and potential, still be positive and don’t crib about the organization. Do not expect that in the first month of the job itself you will be getting ample attention and credible works to shoulder.


So, these were five extremely useful tips that you must ponder on to make that long lasting affirmative impression on the authorities and colleagues in a completely new workplace!

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