Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!

Quitting your job can be a lot of pressure for you, and while the pressure accumulates you tend to lose control of other things which deserve your utmost attention

Here are a few things you should mull over when you are considering quitting your job.

Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!



If you know you have unused medical privileges you’re letting go of, then make the required appointments with the doctor and get yourself checked,

And if there is no particular ailment that needs to be paid attention to, then get an overall health check up done by the doctor putting to use the medical benefits your place of work has provided you with.

Why should you just walk out on something that is meant for you? Just be wise enough to not avail all the benefits during office hours. Other than that I don’t think that there is anything wrong in availing the privileges that were meant for you. You were entitled to them for a reason of course and so you must make use of them before you finally quit the job.



Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!

There comes a point in time when you start to consider company’s property in your use to be yours – the laptop and the phone.

They go with you wherever you go and you know more than anybody else as to how exactly dependent you had gotten on them, but sadly it’s time to let go and do away with the dependency that was once there on these items that belong to your company.

But first, clear the systems off of any personal files, contact details, text messages and so on. Let not the office authority approach you with annoyance or disappointment regarding cleaning the office properties off your personal details. While it is absolutely alright to be using the laptop and phone for personal requirements and even though the company considers it a given it isn’t a nice thing to leave proof of that because when caught red handed somehow it just brings disappointment. You definitely don’t want to disappoint the authorities before quitting when you’re about to get some remaining perks.



Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!

Don’t leave everything in a haphazard manner. Imagine yourself in your successor’s shoes before the last minute or last week wrap ups with the work in your hand.

Try and make things clear and easy to understand, store work related information in files that shall be easy to locate. Keep a note of scheduled meetings handy. Basically just make sure that you organize and prepare everything well for the forthcoming employee. Know that even you would be hitting a new job soon and wouldn’t like it if things that fell in your plate were disorganized and left off messily by the previous employee who held the position you are about to hold.

If possible you could also go a step ahead and offer to provide some simple training to your successor regarding the kind of work you did in order to help them understand how it all works. This will also draw good names in your favour especially by your supervisor who would otherwise have to go through the same tedious duty of training the new employee. You never know, you might just get some recommendation notices. That’s not a bad deal right?



Money matters need to be looked into carefully. This might cause you some stress initially but it is always better to get money matters settled instead of biting your finger nails later on.

It is understandable that you’re in an absolute rush, while transiting from one job to another and have a lot going on inside your head with respect to how you are going to address your resignation, how you’ll approach your boss, what it’s going to be like in the new workspace and so on. You might be engulfed with insecurities about your new job too, but trust me it’ll all fall well in place with time. Just go with the natural flow of time.

But what I’m asking you to do here is in between all of the stress and insecurities make sure that you don’t lose out on any amount that is supposed to enter your account.

Consider money matters well in advance before you have decided to quit.



Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!

Counter offers can be extremely tempting, but it is best to avoid such offers when you have once already decided on quitting the job. It isn’t a wise decision to grab a counteroffer and stay.

I’ll tell you why it’s a bad idea:

It isn’t a bad idea because it shows your inability to stick firmly to a decision you’ve made. That is not even important. What is significant is that your boss being afraid of the short term storm that is going to come over them if you decide to suddenly leave will force them to do something in order to desperately have you stay.

However even if you decide on staying, your boss would have become aware of your flight risk and might resent your attitude which resulted in them feeling threatened and cornered in order to forcibly come up with a way to have you stay. This resentment might affect their overall behaviour towards you.

The resentment will not only be on their side but on your side too. You will resent being caught up in it yet again, when you had actually decided to quit it, because of course there was a good reason behind your wanting to quit it and you’ll hate how your worth was only realised when they felt threatened by your loss.

Remember that your work environment plays a very important role in job satisfaction and if you are uncomfortable in your workspace then your job satisfaction is bound to be at stake.



I know that there is almost always an inevitable urge to walk out of your job making your supervisors feeling miserable about your loss, because they had refused to acknowledge your importance while you were there.

But this isn’t the right way to quit your job. You should not walk out with an attitude that demeans your authorities even if you know you have been offered a better position with better opportunities in a different company, because you never know where these people might turn up in your life in future. You must never create animosity in the professional life. Handle everything with utmost diplomacy and maintain a good rapport with anybody you’ve ever come across in the work front so that they can’t use their animosity against you.

All I am saying is don’t purposefully create enemies. Let things take its natural course. Be happy about the fact that you’ve been granted better opportunities and know that somewhere the authorities of your previous company will feel the prick posed by this situation and they’ll feel it even better when they realise that you were a good person.

These are a few things to remember when you are deciding on quitting.

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